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Polad vehicles: ED’s own goal against Chamisa – Mzembi  


By Nkosana Dlamini

Former cabinet minister Walter Mzembi says MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa’s refusal to join Polad and consequent failure to be blessed with a brand-new twin-cab by President Emmerson Mnangagwa has lifted the opposition leader’s ratings against his under-fire nemesis.

Mzembi was commenting on Mnangagwa’s Father Christmas style lavishing of sumptuous Isuzu D-Max vehicles on politicians who have paid the price of public ridicule to be part of the Zanu PF number one’s disciples.

“Pasi ne Polad” Mzembi posted on Twitter weekend.

“Losing an Election gets you a car in Zimbabwe – you sink $1000 with ZEC and you get this! The Return on Investment is the highest in the world!”


Polad comprises a group of politicians who challenged Mnangagwa in the 2018 elections, with all their votes.

Under the country’s electoral laws, Presidential candidates were each compelled to pay $1000 to be eligible to contest for the poll.

Mzembi likened Mnangagwa’s generous parcelling out of public property at the era of the now defunct JOMIC where politicians from both MDC and Zanu PF enjoyed perks for being part of an organisation that was of little significance to the national cause.

“Once upon a time we had JOMIC, the grandfather of POLAD with similar appetite and profligacies! And we don’t seem to learn anything from history repeating the same stuff all the time!” he said.


Responding to commenting the thread, Mzembi said by dishing out vehicles to the exclusion of his biggest challenger, Chamisa, Mnangagwa had scored an own goal.

“I think it’s a boomerang on ED,” he said.

“@nelsonchamisa by not receiving the poisoned chalice is more appealing to Voters right now.  His ratings are up. Interestingly POLAD car beneficiaries also feature on the JOMIC car list, Ndomuririro wadzo shiri idzi!”

Also joining the national chorus of condemnation against the politicians was ex-minister Jonathan Moyo, who found everything distasteful about a broke government burning its coffers to advance favours to a group of hangers on.

Moyo described the vehicles as “wages of treachery” given to politicians by Mnangagwa “for enabling him to steal the 2018 poll”.

However, NCA leader Lovemore Madhuku, one of the recipients of the vehicles, defended his decision to accept the gift saying there was nothing wrong with receiving property from the government.

“The vehicle is from the Government of Zimbabwe. I am a political leader in Zimbabwe. I lead a party called NCA. The NCA believes in the Polad philosophy. I believe in the Polad philosophy. The vehicle will help me to spread the Polad approach and build the NCA. Wait and see,” Madhuku posted on Twitter.

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