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NGOs pile petitions on parliament


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A handful local Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) have showered parliament with petitions with nearly half a dozen demands received by the legislative institution in July alone.

The petitions were from one Calisto Kareke, the Women’s Coalition, Deaf Zimbabwe Trust, Musasa Project, Mlimisi Sibanda, the National Association of Youths Organisations, one Shumba and Hope Alliance for Life Trust.

Speaker Jacob Mudenda said parliament on 7 July received a petition from Kareke beseeching the august to implement the Justice Smith Recommendations and compensate affected pensioners “as a matter of urgency to avert further prejudice”.

On 20 July, parliament was also petitioned by the Women’s Coalition, which demanded the house to “exercise its oversight role on the disbursement of social protection and social safety nets during the Covid-19 pandemic”.


On the same date, parliament was petitioned by Deaf Zimbabwe Trust which calling on the house to “exercise its oversight function and protect the rights of pupils with disability”.

On 21 July, the National Association of Youths Organisations besought parliament to “enact a policy guiding the National Youths Service before its implementation”.

On the same day, parliament received an “inadmissible” petition from one Shumba who, according to the Speaker, did not indicate their first name and “whether or not he or she is a citizen of Zimbabwe”.

Added the Speaker, “He or she failed to specify the action that is to be taken by Parliament, hence the inadmissibility of the petition.”


On 26th July, Mlimisi Sibanda petitioned parliament to “exercise its legislative role on pegging of claims on agricultural land allocated to the communities by amending Section 31 of the Mines and Minerals Act” and his request was referred to the mines committee.

On 20 May, parliament received a petition from Musasa Project, requesting the amendment to the Criminal Law Codification and Reform Act [Chapter 9.23] “so that it provides a mandatory sentence for rape”.

In the senate, the upper house in July was petitioned by Hope Alliance for Life Trust requesting the upper house to “facilitate the urgent submission of the Zimbabwe’s initial report to United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and for the Recognition of the Rights of the Disabled Persons as provided for in the Constitution of Zimbabwe.”

The petitions were referred to the relevant portfolio committee in parliamentary.

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